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jToolkit is a Python web application framework built on modpython and Apache. It can also run in standalone mode using its own builtin HTTP server.

It is aimed at dynamically generated pages rather than mostly-static pages (for which there are templating solutions). Pages can be produced using a variety of widgets or a new templating system. It handles sessions and database connections.

jToolkit has already been deployed in working systems in Linux and in Windows.

The source code is licensed under the GPL license.

We request that for any contributions to jToolkit, joint copyright is assigned to St James Software. This enables us to keep the public GPL version in sync with our internal version, which we use for commercial projects. If there are any questions about this, please discuss on any of the mailing lists. (Note that if you want to, you can always create your own version of jToolkit without returning the contributions to this project).


jToolkit is now used for Pootle.

jToolkit source code is no longer maintained in sourceforge CVS. Snapshots can be downloaded here.


Current features include:


Documentation available:


2006-06-01: jToolkit 0.7.8 released.

2006-04-26: jToolkit 0.7.7 released.

2006-03-23: jToolkit 0.7.6 released.

2006-03-23: jToolkit 0.7.6 released.

2006-03-10: jToolkit 0.7.5 released.

2005-07-01: jToolkit 0.7 released.

2005-06-28: jToolkit 0.6.6 released.

2005-06-27: jToolkit 0.6.5 released.

2005-06-24: jToolkit 0.6.4 released. status added.

2003-09-29: jToolkit 0.1 released

2003-08-29: Project website up and running

2003-08-25: Project created and source imported


jToolkit has been used successfully on:

If you have any problems on a different system, or get jToolkit working, please let us know

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Sourceforge Links

jToolkit is hosted by SourceForge. Here are the various relevant pages...

Mailing Lists

There are three mailing lists for jToolkit, as well as one which notifies of CVS commits. Please use either Users list for any questions, and the Developers list if you are helping to develop jToolkit.


jToolkit was created by David Fraser, Nick Hurley and Shayan Raghavjee of St James Software.

Any additional contributions are welcome, and will be listed here. Please use the mailing lists or contact the project admin through the project page.